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"I loved my experience with them!"

A great team full of amazing people that took amazing care of my case! I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else! They always answered all of my questions and made sure that everything ran smoothly + they make no mistakes!

Eduarda Sousa
      "The work you do is important and so appreciated."

      I had a great experience with the team, they are professional, passionate, and respectful. Thank you for helping me through my case, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf.

      Keevens Nepius
      "If you’re looking for an attorney, look no further than Georges Cote Law!"

      They were responsive, concise, and capable, and explained everything clearly in a way that was easy to understand. They made my whole case a breeze; I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

      Danielle Wood
      "The best law firm in Boston."

      The best law firm in Boston.

      Amir Khan
      "Highly recommended."

      My experience with Audai was excellent! Highly recommended.

      Josemassi Zeze
      "I appreciate him."

      George Cotes law especially Audai was great to work with but also his team.  He made me feel very at ease throughout this process which can be very overwhelming along with trying to get better along the way.

      Ember Greenidge
      "Very rare in this day and age to find such an honest and trustworthy team. Go see them!!"

      They are truly amazing at what they do and have helped a lot of people we know personally over the past few years. This firm can help with all immigration issues and know the law inside and out.

      Janelle Barrios
      "I recommend it 100%, you guys are great!!"

      Thank you George Cote Law for making our lives better, thank you for the great service, and a special thanks to Larissa and Andrew who were always so helpful.

      "I am very grateful!!"

      My experience with them was great! very attentive… special thanks to Larysse who answered all my questions, I am very grateful!!

      Eduarda Freitas
      "They have very competent professionals."

      My experience with George Cote Law was wonderful. They have very competent professionals. I passed the SIJS and I am very happy with everything they did for me.

      Vitória Andrade
      "Highly Recommend"

      I am really happy, my experience with George cotes was excellent. I would recommend them As the best Lawyers in Boston, MA.

      Keith Damasceno
      "If you're an immigrant looking for help, they are the right firm for you."

      I hired Georges Cote Law in 2018 after I got involved in a car accident, and I had a great experience working with them. They stayed with me during the whole process, making sure to let me know about every step.

      Ramon Felipe Ferreira
      "Highly Recommend"

      They are the best. Very attentive.

      Rayane Rodrigues

      I'm super satisfied with their work, they're great professionals, and my case went super fast I'm very happy with my choice

      Karoine Makeup
      "Super recommended"

      Super recommended, my case has already been approved and I'm very happy, and the green card is coming

      Lucas Do Sertanejo
      "I am really happy!"

      I just passed my SIJS process! I was full of doubts because people discouraged me, but thank God everything was fine! Thank you so much Andrew for making my dream come true.

      Charliton Amaro
      "Today I received my SIJS approval"

      I am very happy, I was very well attended by the whole team, Andrew gave me confidence from the beginning and was very sincere about my chances of approval. I highly recommend George Cote Law.

      Jhonata Helio
      "I highly recommend them"

      I loved my experience with the office they are very attentive with us and all the debts I had without my case they clarified I highly recommend them

      Emmanuelle Magalhães
      "Excellent professionals!!"

      Excellent professionals!! Thanks to their work, I was able to fulfill my dream of being 100% legal in the United States!!

      Bruno Augusto
      "Highly Recommend"

      Audai and Dan were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They handled everything, and my case resulted in a favorable outcome. I would definitely work with them again in the future.

      Ben Hollander
      "Very professional and responsive staff."

      I could tell they put in a lot of time and effort into my case. They alleviated a lot of stress and anxiety for me during one of the most stressful times in my life.

      Suleica Mercedes
      "Many thanks to the team over there!"

      Audai Cote and his team over at Cote and George’s Law went far beyond the call of duty in their ways of making sure they took care of me from the beginning till the end. They did their work in a more than timely fashion and ensured I was reimbursed f

      Jeff Ferraro
      "Audai and the team were absolutely phenomenal."

      Audai was extremely thorough and educated me along the way to ensure I had a full understanding of what was going on without making me feel as if I was in the dark.

      Eric Garcia
      "I highly recommend!"

      Attorney Audai Cote & his staff are amazing all around. I appreciate the efficiency & quality of work they did for me. Everyone there is friendly, helpful, & knowledgeable. If you're "shopping around," I suggest stopping here.

      Former Client
      "Great experience here!"

      They make you feel like part of the family and take care of you. I was always kept well informed of what was going on and anytime I had a question it wasn’t answered in a timely manner.

      Justin Darling
      "Amazing customer service."

      He is so attentive and pays attention to every single detail, asked about everything that happened, and tells you what your possibilities are. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

      Raff Gar