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While semi-truck hauling is vital for the state and national economy, the size and weight of these vehicles create a risk for others on the road. Tractor-trailers are responsible for some of the most devastating accidents on interstate highways and local roads. In Massachusetts, there are typically more than 30 fatal large truck crashes annually and many more collisions that cause incapacitating injuries. 

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Common Types of Truck Accidents

A truck accident refers to any collision or incident involving a truck, which could be a semi-truck (also known as an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer), delivery truck, tanker truck, or any large commercial vehicle. These accidents can result in significant damage to property, severe injuries, or fatalities due to the size and weight of trucks.

Common types of truck accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions: When a truck hits the vehicle in front of it. This often happens due to sudden stops, distractions, or tailgating.
  • Jackknife accidents: This occurs when the trailer of the truck swings out to form an acute angle with the cab, resembling the shape of a partially opened jackknife. It often happens when the truck loses control or skids.
  • Rollovers: Trucks can tip onto their sides or completely overturn, often due to sharp turns taken at high speeds or due to uneven loads.
  • Underride accidents: These occur when a smaller vehicle gets trapped under the rear or side of a truck, often leading to catastrophic injuries or fatalities.
  • Blind spot accidents: Trucks have large blind spots where smaller vehicles may not be visible to the truck driver. Accidents can occur when a truck changes lanes or makes a turn without seeing nearby vehicles.
  • Tire blowouts: Sudden tire blowouts in trucks can cause the driver to lose control, potentially leading to accidents.
  • Cargo-related accidents: Improperly secured or overloaded cargo can shift during transit, causing the truck to become unstable or spill its load onto the road.

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

Trucking accidents are caused by a myriad of factors, ranging from driver negligence to environmental conditions. The most common causes of trucking accidents are driver error, truck and truck part malfunction, truck overload and weight imbalance, fatigue, hazardous road and weather conditions, and improper truck maintenance. 

Driver error is the leading cause of trucking accidents. This can include: 

  • distracted driving, such as using a cell phone while at the wheel; 
  • speeding or reckless driving due to unrealistic time constraints set by employers or customers;
  • not maintaining the truck with proper care;
  • failing to obey traffic laws or speed limits; and/or
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Another common cause of trucking accidents is truck part malfunction. Poor truck maintenance can lead to worn or damaged parts becoming suddenly inoperable during transit, resulting in an accident due to a sudden loss of control over the vehicle. Similarly, trucks overloaded with cargo—or improperly loaded so that they become unbalanced—can make it harder for drivers to maintain control over their vehicles when on the road. 

Fatigue is another major factor that contributes to trucking accidents. Drivers who are exhausted due to long hours behind the wheel are more prone to lapses in concentration, leading to serious mistakes on the road. Even if drivers adhere strictly to rest periods mandated by law, being awake for extended periods can naturally reduce their alertness, which could prove dangerously distracting on busy highways or winding roads. 

Hazardous environmental conditions such as strong winds, foggy weather, and slippery roads due to rain or snowfall can also increase the chances of an accident. These may reduce visibility levels significantly and reduce tire traction when coming into contact with wet surfaces. 

It is also worth noting that commercial truck collisions are more likely to cause catastrophic injuries and crashes involving three or more vehicles. With this in mind, hiring an experienced trucking accident attorney with a strong track record and determination to win is critical. 

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Who Might Be Liable for Injuries from a Trucking Accident?

Determining who is at fault can be difficult when trucking incidents occur. This is due, in part, to the complex legal environment of trucking and the ever-changing regulations surrounding truck safety. Additionally, physical evidence is often limited in trucking accidents, which can make it challenging to identify the cause.

Whether a truck has been poorly maintained or its driver is not adequately trained must be considered when trying to pin down who is liable. Moreover, road conditions and traffic laws must also be considered when analyzing a trucking incident. For example, bad weather conditions or an unexpected detour could have caused the trucker to operate their vehicle unsafely. This needs to be considered when determining liability for the accident.

The trucking company might be liable for injuries when a truck driver's error causes a crash. Trucking companies could also be responsible if they violate FMCSA rules related to safety, such as allowing a driver to spend excessive time behind the wheel without a break. 

However, other parties can also contribute to a truck accident, including:

  • Passenger car drivers interfering with a truck's right of way
  • Government entities that fail to maintain roadways properly
  • Subcontractors who load cargo in an unsafe manner
  • Manufacturers of defective truck equipment
  • Subcontractors who do not perform required maintenance

When you or a loved one is seriously hurt, you need a determined advocate to identify the wrongdoers and fight for your right to maximum compensation. That is precisely what our firm offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need to hire a lawyer to help with my truck accident claim?

    It is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer to help with your truck accident claim. We can evaluate the facts of your case, identify the applicable laws, and develop a strategy for pursuing compensation that could significantly increase the potential value of your claim. We will also help protect you from being taken advantage of by insurers or other parties involved in your case who would prefer to settle quickly and cheaply rather than paying out what is fair.

  • Why shouldn't I speak with the trucking company's insurance adjuster after a trucking accident?

    When involved in a trucking accident, it is essential to remember that the trucking company’s insurance adjuster does not represent your best interests. Rather, their priority is to protect their client, the trucking company. Therefore, any statement made to an adjuster or any information shared can be used against you and potentially diminish the value of your claim. An attorney can help protect you and maximize the compensation you receive.

  • Will I need to go to court to resolve my trucking accident claim?

    Many lawyers advise that a court appearance is not always necessary for trucking accident cases in Massachusetts. In some cases, trucking accident victims may be able to settle their claims out of court through negotiations with the trucking company or its insurance provider. Trucking accidents are often complex legal matters due to the unique regulations that trucking companies and truck drivers must follow. As such, victims should consult with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer. We can help guide you through the legal process and fight for fair compensation.

  • How long do I have to file a claim for a trucking accident?

    If you have been injured in a trucking accident, filing a claim as soon as possible is crucial. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years from the accident date. You must file a claim within three years of the trucking accident or onset of injuries to receive compensation.

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