Legal Assistance With Trucking Accidents in Massachusetts    

Reliable guidance for those injured in accidents with 18-wheelers      

While semi-truck hauling is vital for the state and national economy, the size and weight of these vehicles create a risk for others on the road. Tractor-trailers are responsible for some of the most devastating accidents on interstate highways and local roads. Here, in Massachusetts, there are typically more than 30 fatal large truck crashes annually and many more collisions that cause incapacitating  injuries. If you or a loved one has been severely hurt in a truck accident, Georges Cote LLP is ready to help. We are a results-driven law firm staffed by determined lawyers who fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Federal rules covering the trucking industry       

Because large trucks are so potentially destructive, they are heavily regulated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation that issues rules governing the trucking industry. These regulations cover important safety concerns related to equipment and drivers. However, inspectors cannot be everywhere and violations often go unreported. Moreover, in 2021, FMCSA loosened several important rules related to drivers’ hours of service, potentially increasing collisions related to vehicle operator fatigue.

What are the most common causes of trucking accidents?

Because large truck accidents can be so destructive, it can be difficult to reconstruct the scene to determine what actually caused the accident. Common causes include:

  • Truck driver error
  • Aggressive driving by a trucker
  • Trucker driving impaired by fatigue or drugs/alcohol
  • Unqualified truck drivers
  • Mechanical problems
  • Road conditions
  • Poorly loaded cargo
  • Passenger car interference

Collisions involving commercial trucks are more likely to cause catastrophic injuries and crashes that include three or more vehicles. With this in mind, it is critical to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who has a strong track record in these cases and the determination to win.        

Who might be liable for injuries from a trucking accident?

When a truck driver’s error causes a crash, the trucking company might be liable for injuries. Trucking companies could also be liable if they violate FMCSA rules related to safety, such as allowing a driver to spend excessive time behind the wheel without a break. However, there can be other parties who contribute to a truck accident besides the driver and the company employing them, including:

  • Passenger car drivers interfering with the truck’s right of way
  • Government entities who fail to maintain roadways properly
  • Subcontractors who load cargo in an unsafe manner
  • Manufacturers of defective truck equipment
  • Subcontractors who do not perform required maintenance

When you or a loved one is seriously hurt, you need a determined advocate who will identify the wrongdoers and fight for your right to maximum compensation. That is exactly what our firm offers.

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