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Moving to the United States on a permanent or temporary basis requires proper authorization from the government. In this rapidly changing legal field, sound guidance from an accomplished immigration attorney might be the difference between living your American dream or being frustrated in your attempt to build a life here. From our office in Chelsea, Georges Cote LLP represents clients from Massachusetts and around the world in a wide array of immigration matters. Whether you’re looking to gain lawful permanent resident status, avoid deportation, escape persecution in your home country or become a U.S. citizen, we offer exceptional counsel tailored to your situation and needs.

Accomplished attorneys handle matters involving all types of visas

The rules set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are complicated, but our knowledgeable lawyers provide clear advice and handle all types of concerns relating to:

  • Nonimmigrant visas — Most people require a nonimmigrant visa to enter the United States for a temporary stay. Some of the most common types of nonimmigrant visas are given to students, business investors and tourists.
  • Immigrant visas — There are several types of visas available to foreign nationals wishing to immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis. We assist a diverse group of prospective green-card holders, including people coming to the United States for employment, to reunite with a close family member and to marry the person they’re engaged to.
  • Adjustment of status — Changing immigration status while in the United States can be difficult, and there is no guarantee it can be done. Eligibility and requirements can vary from person to person, so the only way to learn for sure about your options is to consult with an experienced immigration attorney. We will take the time to review your status and circumstances, analyze the situation at hand, and set a course of action best geared to accomplish your immigration objectives. If you’re here on a nonimmigrant visa but want to pursue a green card, seek special immigration juvenile status as a youth in a troubled household or seek a different type of adjustment, we can help.

No matter what your immigration-related goal might be, you can rely on us to give you the information you need and the representation you deserve.

Legal advisers guide aspiring U.S. citizens through the naturalization process

Once an individual has been granted a green card, they usually must wait five years to seek U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process. This period is shortened to three years for spouses of American citizens. Moreover, you must have been physically present in this country for at least half of the time and not absent from the United States for any more than one year at a time. People convicted of a serious crime involving moral turpitude are excluded from naturalization. When you consult with our firm, we’ll give you a complete list of the qualifications and requirements. Should you meet the eligibility requirements, we’ll counsel you on each phase of naturalization, including the biometric check, interview, English proficiency test and civics questions.

Compassionate counselors assist with asylum and refugee status applications

People facing persecution in their homelands have traditionally sought asylum in the United States. As opposed to refugee status, asylum is reserved for those who are already in this country. Changes within the U.S government have triggered drastic changes to asylum rules and how they are applied. We are aware of the latest developments in this area and are committed to providing strong legal support for individuals who have been mistreated or threatened due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

Effective litigators provide deportation defense to people facing removal

If you receive a Notice to Appear at a removal hearing, you should promptly contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney at our firm who will work closely with you to build your deportation defense. Just because the Department of Homeland Security has initiated this action against you does not mean that you will be forced to leave the United States. Whether your proceeding was initiated because of an arrest, a document problem or some other reason, our firm is committed to providing you with the honest, aggressive representation you need.

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